Monday, July 25, 2011

Dollhouse Miniature Bird Cage Tutorial

Make a miniature bird cage with me~!
As promised! I am so happy to share this little project with you. I had a sort of an epiphany last night (is that too strong a word to use?) with this little bird cage.
I guess minor trauma and a trip to the emergency room (LOL see my last post) spurred my imagination and creativity a little bit. I couldn't settle down so I started thinking and creating.

Here we go!

You will need:
  • One of is a small cage type thing from a dishwasher rinsing agent. The solid kind made by Future/Jet Dry

    You can buy Jet Dry Solid at
  • Wire cutters/pliers
  • Sharp Xacto knife or blade
  • Glue - Hot glue or plastic model glue
  • A plug/cap from a carton of juice or some other type of cap and a small plastic curtain ring. (the plug is under the screw cap) It is pictured below near the tube of glue, a ring with a little domed cap. Mine came from this brand. I hope you can find these similar products in other countries!

  • A small bead
  • A bead cap or other decorative finding
  • A head pin finding or long straight pin that you can cut and bend

    Various decorative trims - lace, paper lace, scallops etc.
    Plastic Spray Paint
    Small wooden Candle Stick for use as a stand

    Steps One and Two:

    Cut the spokes at the bottom of the Jet Dry Basket as shown in the first photo. Cut the bottom off entirely leaving the spokes free. Now gently push the spokes in toward the center and is a little tricky but you will get it, just don't burn yourself if you use hot glue!!

    Step Three:

    Cut the ring from the juice plug and glue it to the top of your cage.

    Step Four:

    While that is drying, drill or poke a tiny hole in the cap part of the juice plug.

    Now insert your head pin from the underside and string your bead cap and bead. Bend the wire into loop and trim.
    Step Five:

    Glue your cap assembly to the top of your cage...
    et voila!! You now have a serviceable miniature bird cage!

    But well, if you know me, I just couldn't stop there... oh nononono! We must embellish this little cage and then distress to simulate age. :)

    Optional final touches:
    Glue trims and lace around the cage.

    Use your imagination and all that creativity that I know is out there amongst you! Glue some feet on! Make a double decker cage. Gild it! Add wire curls etc.
    Once you are happy with your trims and finishing touches;
    spray your entire project with spray paint made especially for plastic. I used white but you could use black or gold or any color you like! What I had on hand is actually a spray primer for plastic and I was able to use acrylic paint on top of that.
    To distress my cage I used white and ivory paint as a base coat. On top of that I dry brushed gold and then added some rusty colored ink and some black to simulate rust and chipped paint. Top it all off with a gloss or satin sealer and you have a magnificent 'antique' bird cage for your house!

    If you enjoyed this tutorial or have any questions feel free to let me know, and if you make a bird cage from this tutorial, PLEASE do send me photos or links to photos of your finished cage! I would dearly love to see them.

    The second tutorial will be ready for you tomorrow! A wicker look basket from a very unlikely source ;)



  1. Gracias Daphne por ese excelente tutorial, tu jaula es preciosa!
    Siento mucho lo de tu hijo.
    Un abrazo

  2. Muchas gracias!!!
    Muy buen tutorial ( =

  3. Thank you for the lovely tutorial, Daphne. Brilliant idea! All the details of what you did to distress it were really helpful too. :-)

  4. Thats a really good idea, thanks for the tutorial.
    Hope my mother use that kind of thing for her dishwasher.
    I have no dishwasher.
    My son of ten has also his hand in the same blue gypso, only he fall of a half-pipe with his bycicle and another boy landed on his hand.

  5. The birdcage is beautiful. Thanks for the tutorial.

  6. Thank you for this tutorial. The cage looks fantastic.

  7. Great tutorial Daphne! I love that it is a trash to treasure one :)

  8. excellent!!! love it!! :D i've posted it on my blog and facebook...thank you!!! :D Linda x

  9. It's a very nice tutorial thanks!

    Daphne, I see that you have linked my Wiveaway, but is not targeted at my list, tell me if it was a mistake and you want to participate.

  10. Wow Daphne!Fantastic idea!I'll try to find the material here in Italy!
    I would like build a birdcage but more rustic for my american country home!If you have an idea please tell me!
    Ah..I have send your gift about Caterina's swap...I hope it will arrive soon!

  11. Es un magnifico tutorial... muy "casero" y simpático. El resultado precioso ! Muchas gracias. Mariajo

  12. un tutorial estupendo muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh no! I do not have a dishwasher!
    I'm going to rummage in the trash of my sister, in search of the necessary material (she has a dishwasher) :-)
    Your works are gracious, thank you for sharing,
    Have a nice day, Flora

  14. Wonderful!!! I love this tutorial! Thank you very much for sharing us! is great! hugs

  15. What a brilliant idea! Although I do not have a dishwasher there are many products that you can use the cages, I want to make one now!
    kisses MelyG

  16. Wonderful! Ik hou van deze tutorial! Hartelijk dank voor het delen van ons! is geweldig! hugs

  17. Gracias!!! Gran tutorial y un resultado espectacular !!!Saludos

  18. Increible lo que se puede hacer con un par o tres de cositas bien combinadas entre si.
    Te ha quedado una super jaula preciosa.

  19. ¡Ohhhhhhhh! ¡Que maravilla de reciclado! Gracias por compartir este maravilloso tutorial.

  20. ¡Fabuloso el tutorial! a pesar del idioma diferente, es fácil de entender.
    Gracias. Un abrazo desde Canarias

  21. Gracias por el tutorial, la jaula esta divina, besos, Ana (mucuy)

  22. Popped over from lindasminiatureshappenings (thanks Linda for the link!) This is genius...I never would have thought it. Thank you for sharing your creativity.:)

  23. Thank you for sharing this super tutorial!

  24. Amazing! Thanks for sharing, I wish we could buy the small "baskets" here.
    Love, Susanne

  25. The bird cage looks great, I've never seen these thing here, so I can't make one but it looks lovely.
    Miniature greetings

  26. Love this. I've got the fruit juice lid, now for the dishwasher do-dad....
    Cheers Yvonne


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